Our Story

Bikes Plus is a 2nd generation family owned bike shop. Since its’ beginnings in 1988, Bikes Plus has grown to become a full service bicycle shop for the entire family and fitness community. Quality brands, quality personnel, and a mission that promotes health and fitness to the Mid-South have contributed to us being named one of the bicycle association (NBDA) “Americas Best Bike Shop for 6 consecutive years. Pre and post sale service have been critical to insuring consistent growth for almost 30 years.

We are excited that in the Fall of 2017, we formed a partnership with Memphis based, Bike World.  This partnership brings together 55 years of commitment to the Memphis cycling community, industry leading brands, 3 strong locations positioned to service the entire Memphis Market, and a dedicated staff.


Our People

Karen Malogorski

Karen Malogorski     email:

Karen has spent the last 20 years helping grow Bikes Plus to a nationally recognized bike dealer.  For 4 consecutive years, her team has helped Bikes Plus gain recognition as one of America’s Best Bicycle Retailers by NBDA (National Bicycle Dealers Association).


Karen grew up competing in; basketball, field hockey, tennis, and competitive fast and slow pitch softball. After college Karen shared her father’s passion for cycling and fitness and took her love to an ever-higher level.

Karen has competed over the years and placed in numerous adventure races, mountain bike races, cyclecross races, triathlons, road races, long distance trail and street running. Then, she discovered a passion and talent for Crossfit. She honed these skills and competed in Crossfit’s World Competition (placing 46th in the world in Masters).

Certified by Barnett’s Institute for Bicycle Mechanics and Michael Sylvester Fit System’s “Bringing Bicycles and Bodies Together”, Karen clearly has invested in hand’s on management of her shops. Karen also believes in the vital role of the retailer to promote both cycling as a family life style and a means to good health and fitness.

Marketing innovation in the cycling community excites Karen.  Implementation of MyTextConnect and MyCityBikes technology helps her shop build strong relationships with customers. Karen’s commitment to health and fitness and cycling goes beyond shop management.  Her community involvement in GoJimGo (Channel 3 and Le Bonheur Children’s’ Hospital), and board participation for the Western Tennessee MS Society are two of such activities.

Reggie Massey

Reggie Massey     email:

To quote Reggie “I was born in the great State of Alabama (roll tide)”.  Reggie enjoys both road riding and running ½ and full marathons. Since joining Bikes Plus in 2011, Reggie has grown from sales representative to Sales Manager for the Germantown Store.  In addition to online product and marketing courses provided by key suppliers, Reggie has obtained the Hammer Nutrition Guru status. And, when it comes to product expertise on Garmin, GoPro, and other electronics, Reggie is the go to person. Reggie’s industry/product experience continues to grow through attendance in multiple industry & manufacturer events (Giant, CABDA, etc.).  Married, with two daughters, time spent with them is one of his greatest pleasures.  Besides the University of Alabama.

Mike Hamm

Mike Hamm     email:

Mike Hamm started working at Bikes Plus in 2009.  He has been the Service Manager at the Germantown location since 2011.  He is a seasoned mechanic on all major brands of components and bicycles. Expertise in all major component brands (Shimano, Sram, Campagnolo, (to include DI2 and EPS), the specing and building of custom steel and carbon bikes, makes Mike the man to go to for your “dream machine”. As a mechanic, his favorite things to work on are building custom bicycles and wheel building.  He has worked on everything from kid’s bikes to professional level race bikes.  Mike’s industry/product experience continues to grow through attendance in multiple industry & manufacturer events (Giant, CABDA, etc.)   Also, Mike has attended the Park Tool Summit and is an instructor for the Park Tool Repair Clinic.
He enjoys many forms of cycling including road, mountain, gravel, bike packing, and cycling with his wife and two children.

Bill Fredrick

Bill Fredrick     email:

Bill started his exercise journey exclusively running. As a result of an injury, he was introduced to biking. And, for the next 30 plus years he competed in running, triathlons, adventure racing and mountain bike racing and riding events.

During that time, Bikes Plus grew to become his shop of choice. Upon retiring from business, he has worked with Karen to provide marketing, back office support, social media and community relation’s support. Clearly, his passion for health and fitness and cycling in particular can be seen in his support for efforts such as GoJimGo, and membership on the Mid-South Greenline Board.Add Content...

Josh Jorgensen

Josh Jorgensen

Josh brings to Bikes Plus over 15 years of industry experience.  He is Barnetts certified and has completed Specialized University courses on general product, body geometry fit, merchandizing, and business management.  As well as multiple visits to Specialized for product launches, Interbike, CABDA, and Giant Bicycles.  Also, Josh is Shimano certified.  He spent 4 years working at the 1st Specialized Concept Store in New Zealand and helped with the opening of the 1st Specialized Elite Store in the New York area.  He also spent 4 years working with Recycle-A-Bicycle in Brooklyn, both in his personal life and through the store.

Bikes Plus Advantage

It has been our mission for more than 28 years to position ourselves as a premier full service bicycle shop. We provide quality brands, broad product lines, exceptional service and expertise to individuals, youth and adult. Whether you are a road or mountain biker, triathlete, commuter, touring, or simply interested in fitness, our knowledgeable staff will be here to take care of your needs.

We do this by insuring that we support multiple complementary product lines so as to provide the proper bike to fit our customer’s needs.