Road Bikes

Bikes Plus offers road bikes from the industry’s leading innovators offering the widest range of bikes and price levels.  Our job here at Bikes Plus is to match your need and fit to the proper manufacturer.  That’s why we have aligned ourselves with more than one supplier.  Regardless of your riding level, budget, and/or goals.  Bike options, sizing, budget and final fit are all important to us and to your riding comfort and performance.

Road / Racing Bike Manufacturers

Triathlon Bikes

A triathlete is a unique type of athlete.  Grueling training regiments place demands on gaining seconds during each segment and in transition.  The triathete’s bike requires aerodynamics, position, hydration , storage and, the most efficient, but comfortable fit. This requires access to very specific brands and bikes.  Bikes Plus has both the skill to insure fit with products geared specifically to the triathlete.

Triathlon Bike Manufacturers