Bike Fit Packages

Assessment / Measurement - $25.00

Free with new bicycle purchase

  • 4 critical body measurements are taken
  • Determines bike size based on body makeup

Bike Trainer Fit - $50.00

1 hour time block

Free with new Bicycle purchase

  • Rider Measurements are applied to bike
  • Saddle Height Adjustment
  • Saddle Fore/Aft Adjustment
  • Stem Length
  • Handlebar Height

Comprehensive Fit - $125.00

Approximately 1 1/2-hour time block required

  • Bike Fit Analysis is conducted with rider on bike/trainer system
  • Assessment of rider’s past, current and future physiological factors, along with their cycling goals and fitness level
  • Arm reach, hip angle, and knee angle are measured and adjusted
  • Biomechanic and alignment technology are then used to fine tune; seat height and angle, fore and aft position, handlebar width and drop, stem length and rise

To Schedule a Fit

Bartlett / Memphis - 901-385-8788

Germantown - 901-755-7233